Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hamelin Pool

Stayed at Hamelin Homestead for the night. We were the only ones there. It was extremely hot and there were flies and grashoppers everywhere in plague like dimensions! We literally had to run from your tent to the toilet as kamikaze grashoppers would bombard us from all directions!
We also had the doubtful pleasure of meeting the caretaker of the homestead who went on a bit of a rant about ' greenies' whom he described as 'bastard dogs'! He also moaned about animal activists trying to stop the live exports and a few racist slurs also entered the one way conversation. We suspect he might have seen Mark's 'Stop Factory Farming' sticker on his panniers and felt the need to have a moan. We didn't feel like wasting our energy arguing with him as our arguments would have fallen on deaf ears.
We also went to the nearby Stromolites which are fossilised micro-organisms and they are some of the most ancient records of life on earth.

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