Thursday, 29 December 2011

Khao Sok National park

On our way to Khao Sok we met a fellow biker Kevin who was on a short trip round Asia on his Christmas break from University. We met him in Krabi and decided over dinner that we should ride together, so the following day we headed north only getting to ride a short distance together before parting ways. It was good to have someone else to ride with and we hope to get to do it again along the trip. After saying our good byes we had to make a quick detour to Phuket to pick up our passports which contained our visa for Pakistan. The main road north was nothing out of the ordinary, just your usual mad car drivers who care little for anyone else on the road. Once we pulled off of the main drag the following 40+ km's made for a great ride with less traffic and beautiful scenery. We pulled down into the main small village in Khao Sok to find a place to stay and came across a great little place by the river with really cheap bungalows and a good bbq dinner was to follow. The next day we went off hiking to see if we could find ourselves a wild elephant or maybe a Gibbon or two. All we manged to do was hike about 16km's and see nothing, well no animals anyway. The place is beautiful with not many people but the animals didn't want to play the game with us this day. So feeling exhausted after our first real exercise in quite a while we made our way back to camp for a cold beer and a wash. On finishing up in the bathroom we were given a massive surprise when our friends we were on our way to visit, rocked up on our doorstep. So we now had an escort to Ranong and then onto Koh Phayam.
Can anyone please explain?

Kevin and me before we parted ways

 Lookout over Khao Sok NP

Our humble bungalow, a bargain at 200 baht a night

It was a shame we didn't see any elephants nor any wildlife

Our good friends Joey, Enzo and Ricci

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