Sunday, 11 December 2011

Koh Phi Phi

We went to Koh Phi Phi to see this spectacular island that is pictured on so many postcards and tourism posters of Thailand and was where the movie The Beach was filmed. Well, it is a beautiful place and it would have been nice to have seen it the way it looks in photos, instead we saw the bay lined with boats and the beach overflowing with tourists. There is obviously no regulation when it comes to the amount of people and tour operators who can go here and it kind of ruins it for everyone as no one is really getting to see the picture perfect beach they came to see. A bit of a shame but we had been warned by locals beforehand. 
We did do some snorkeling around the island which was actually pretty good. Although again the corals here were badly bleached, the water was crystal clear with lots of fish.

Maya Bay with all the tour boats lined up!

 Our boat

Crystal clear water

Bird's nest harvesting for bird's nest soup - a delicacy in China

Hungry monkey

Getting ready to go in for a snorkel

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