Friday, 16 March 2012

1 Year On The Road!

By Sanne

Hard to believe that it is exactly one year since we set out from Perth and rode off into the unknown. We haven't really made it that far yet but that's because we try not to rush through the countries we pass.
And what a year it's been...8 countries, each one of them fascinating in their own right. And now it's on to the 9th - Nepal. Shipping of the bikes was pretty straightforward (read all about it on the Shipping page).
On our last day here Mark got himself a new tattoo to add to the collection.

Mark with Mr Thira, our shipping agent

Front wheel off, handlebars dismounted, all ready to get crated

The guys did a great job wrapping EVERYTHING in bubble and shrink wrap

That's it, ready to go to the airport

Bangkok traffic

Mark being a little cry baby

And the final result

Happy to be done!

You don't need a prescription to get meds around here - 
just pop down to the nearest street corner and you shall find.

Valium anyone?

Mark with Stef, the French Africa Twin rider and Frank, the German KTM rider. Frank is flying to Kathmandu same day as us whereas Stef will stay in Bangkok where he is trying hard to organise shipping to Africa. It has not been easy for him so we keep our fingers crossed that it will happen soon!

On our last night I just had to get my last serving of Sticky Rice with Mango - it's sooo good.


  1. time flies... have fun in India.

  2. Good on yer guys - Nepal will blow your mind as a pre amble for India. Took a mountain bike round both in 1996 and 97 - wonderful people, stunning scenery and amazing karma.
    Still on for an RV when you get to Europe - just off to Scotland for 3 months but will be keeping a watchful eye on your adventures.
    Cheers Simon