Friday, 9 March 2012

Back in Thailand

By Sanne

So we made it back to Thailand. As far as border crossings go this one was really easy and no bribes this time!
Customs were a bit lazy when they filled out our Temporary Import Form as they put me down as Mr. and the weight of the bikes down as 350kg each (they're 130kg). On top of that it turns out they added on the form that export out of Thailand had to be at that same border. We didn't realise this until we were sitting in our shipping agent's office in Bangkok and he pointed it out for us. We are of course not going back to Cambodia but shipping out of Bangkok Airport to Kathmandu. Luckily our agent Mr. Thira managed to amend the document as otherwise we would have had to ride all the way back to the Cambodian border again!
Halfway from the border to Bangkok we stopped over in the hedonism capital of Thailand: Pattaya. As we are not sex tourists we are quite different from your usual visitor here. The place is packed with bars where scantily clad Thai girls flirt with old, gross, western men.
We did cause quite a stir coming into town riding past all these bars. Riding down one street we received loud cheering and whistling from all the massage girls. While Mark was inside a hotel checking out a room I was waiting on the street with the bikes. By now we're so used to people just stopping what they are doing and just staring at us. After a few minutes I decided to take off my helmet. The crowd was in amazement! The revelation that behind that helmet was a woman! Big smiles and thumbs up followed, "very good, very good!".
As in Phuket there is a huge population of Russians here. Why are they always to find in the seediest places?
On a side note Pattaya is one of the smelliest places I have been. This is caused by the 'open sewer' phenomenon. It literally stinks of shit. We were out of there the next morning.

Volkswagen Bar


I just had to include some pics of this pug wearing a helmet and diva sunglasses

I don't think he was too impressed though

A lovely family we met at a highway rest stop outside Bangkok. They gave us their bananas.

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