Sunday, 4 March 2012


By Mark

We headed into Sihanoukville with two main things in mind, the first was to catch up with the tour guides we met back up in Banlung and the second was to give the bikes a much needed service. We also ran into Frank who we first met back in Chiang Mai and again in Laos before catching up with the other guys. The main beach here is jammed full of backpackers and a handful of locals again trying to sell a cocktail of drugs! Was all a bit too much to take in and we were more than happy when Zeman said we could stay at his place. We stayed in town for three nights and got all the work done on the bikes we needed and stayed an extra day so we could have a look around and catch up with Mike who only came back on our last night. These guys are great and were so welcoming and open to take us in. We couldn't thank them enough and really hope to see them again when we get to Europe. Anyone who is keen on doing a bike tour in Cambodia should look these guys up under the 'we like' link list. While we were here we also got to experience first hand how corrupt the police are. Being pulled over three times in just a little over 24hr's was more than annoying to say the least. The reason, riding with our headlights on during the day! It doesn't seem to matter too much though that the locals ride around at night without any headlights on. On all 3 occasions we did manage to get away with not handing over any money.

Serendipity Beach

Giving the bikes their much needed service

Chillin with a couple of cold ones with Zeman

Kiki the dog

And the pups Diesel and Sprocket

Ream National Park

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