Friday, 7 June 2013


By Mark

After a cracking warm day in Denmark for our last day we awoke the next day to see a grey dreary sky looming over us for our ride to Germany. Half way there saw us riding in the rain and chances of camping in the bush were not looking so good. Luckily the rain stopped long enough for us to find a a quiet little spot in a forest south of Lubeck to set up camp. The next day after a rainy, cold night we awoke to an overcast day to ride to Berlin. Lucky for us the closer we got to the city the weather was improving and we found ourselves stripping off layers to adjust.
Berlin is a big city and whereas last year we managed to navigate our way to our good friend Franks, this year proved to be a little more difficult. Turns out we were arriving on the weekend of a large culture festival and found that many of the roads were closed. These are the times when a GPS sounds good...Luckily I still had some credit on my phone and gave Frank a call and he came to our rescue and we followed him back to his home.
We spent a week with Frank, first checking out the culture festival where he was asked by a local guy if he would like a BJ! I think now that he wished he never told us as that as after learning a drinking game by the same name he has now earnt the nickname of Mr BJ...We did get around Berlin to do some sightseeing when we were able to as the rain was making it hard to spend time outside. When we weren't out and about we spent the time drinking beer and planning our next little trip together which was going to take us to Eisenerz in Austria for the toughest enduro race in the world, the Erzberg Enduro.
Our intended trip would see us heading south out of Berlin to Dresden. Again the weather was not on our side and it pissed down most of the way and with the temperature hovering around 10 degrees was not making for favourable riding conditions and I did something I really dislike doing, riding on the motorway. This is hell to me but in these conditions meant we would not have to travel as long in the bad weather. We got into Dresden and the idea of hot showers and a warm bed made it all better thanks to Franks sister. His sister and husband showed us around downtown Dresden in the evening in some pretty miserable weather but happy to at least get a glimpse of the city. The following morning all packed up and ready to ride I noticed my first puncture of the trip, no not just this part but the entire 57000km's so far! After scrambling about we got it sorted and were back on the road. The next 2 days saw us head through the Czech Republic where the weather finally started  improving and life was better especially now we were going to be camping from here on in. We were able to stay mostly on the smaller back roads and they were much more scenic and with a lot less traffic. We managed to convince Frank to try out the risky business of Bush Camping! He was not so sure nor keen on the idea but we found a forest somewhere in Czech Republic where we set up camp. Sure, there were some signs in Czech with lots of exclamation marks but since we don't undeestand Czech, well we weren't going to let that stop us! After dinner Frank seemed to relax a bit more...that was until out of the forest darted a pig followed by a barking dog and shortly after a gunshot. Frank's face was full of dread of what was in store for us that night. Maybe not the best introduction to camping in the wild. Quite funny for us though! Luckily we all survived the night but that was to be the last time we bush camped with Mr BJ...
The closer we got to Erzberg the more excited I was becoming for the carnage of this well known hardcore enduro race...

First day back on the road saw us riding and camping in the rain

Not a Werewolf in London but a Predator in Berlin

Me and Mr BJ

Sharing a cold one

The Victory Monument (notice the lovely weather in the background!)

Back at work on the bikes trying to diagnose Sanne's carby problem...

A day out riding around Berlin and a spot of lunch in some sunshine

Brandenburger Tor



This building was reconstructed after WW2 using a computer program 
to relocate where each stone was originally placed

Bush camping in the Czech Republic forest outside of Plzen

Mr BJ was loving it!

Having a quick break to give our sore butts a break and for Frank to have a smoke

Camping on Lipno Lake, Czech Republic

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