Friday, 7 June 2013

We're Back!

By Sanne

After 6 months in Australia working, we couldn't wait to return to Denmark to get reunited with our bikes and of course to see my family again. Maybe most of all I was looking forward to seeing my little nieces Mia and Lea who I love so frickin' much! Luckily for us the weather was pretty good, which in Denmark basically means no rain but still cold of course... But hey, after spending a hot and humid summer in Darwin a little cool weather is actually quite welcome. We spent almost three weeks there which gave us lots of time to hang out with friends and family. The bikes were fine except for an oil leak on Mark's bike. After a long, cold winter they needed a bit of coaxing to start up but in the end they fired up. Phew! We borrowed a summer house on the west coast for a few days and it gave us a chance to take the bikes out for a proper test run in which they ran fine.
As always it was hard to say goodbye to everyone but we have to hit the road for more adventures! Don't worry, we'll be back :)

At my brother Torben's birthday party

My cute little niece Lea

At the party Mark was very popular with the girls

As you can see!

Our bikes hibernation spot this past winter - was a joy to see them again

And then giving them some TLC in the backyard

Mark and my other cute little niece Mia


Lots of fun in the playground!

The Queen Fairy and her posse

Someone's excited! Mark giving my friend Louise a ride

My friend Suzan and her little Maja

And me with my friend Mette's little boy Mikkel

At Vesterhavet (North Sea)

Mark on the beach


Our last day in Denmark was warm and sunny - quite a rarity!

We're not crazy, really!

We're going to miss you all so much!

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  1. Hello
    I saw you both last week in the alps. Passo Falzarego. I took 3 Pictures from both of you. <over your Motobikebox i found your Website. you both---Great-
    wish you all the best.
    Thats a life we are dreaming,
    best regards and enjoy your life