Saturday, 8 December 2012

Back in Australia

By Mark

After leaving Denmark we stopped over in Bangkok for a few days just to break the flight home. We soon realised after all the time we had spent here previously we did not need to come back here again for some time.

We arrived in Sydney and over the next two weeks we travelled up the east coast through to Brisbane visiting all my family. It was good to see everyone and not just be stuck in the one place, sorry mum, Gloucester bores me after being there a few days! After Brisbane we had just one more flight, and that was to Darwin.

We arrived at midnight and our new flatmate which we had yet to meet picked us up from the airport to drive us home. Home, not a word we had thought we would be using so soon after being on the road for close to twenty months. Well we must say one thing: our 'home' is a good one for now and a lovely sanctuary  with beautiful lush gardens and a pool to keep us cool. The humidity here at the moment is pretty nasty and I am hanging out for the wet season to come into full force. We were lucky enough to have a bit of rain when we first arrived but it has since become less and less. Bring on the kick arse storms that I know Darwin is good for!

So we have both had to get back into normality and join the throngs making their way to work each day to pay the bills, mortgages and everything else that drives a consumer driven life style. For us though we are still living life on the road so to speak. We watch our money all the time and have a goal in mind: To get back on the road! We have both been back at work now for about four weeks and are on track with our savings thankfully. I have been given the chance to take on a new role which will see me fly in and fly out to work on a two week on, one week off basis. Here I am hoping to put even more savings away so our next installment of our trip will be longer than the first and if we are lucky we can also come home with a few dollars in our pockets.

Bronte, Sydney

Having Dinner with my Dad and Dale

Not a bad view from their apartment

Barrington River, my local swimming hole as a child

Sanne taking a cool dip

Uncle swampy at his best

My beautiful niece, Lucia

Taking a break from our stroll on the beach with my sister Gayle and her man Nick


My nephew Felix likes sand boarding at the beach

By the looks of things so does Lucia!