Thursday, 23 June 2011

Litchfield National Park

Made it to Litchfield early afternoon for a swim at out favourite spot, Florence Falls. A little cooler than we remembered but very much enjoyed all the same. Here we ran into some people who we met at El Questro and spent some time with them swimming at the falls. Spent two nights there before reluctantly heading to Darwin where work was waiting for at least Mark and hopefully Sanne.
Florence Falls

Mark cliff jumping

Florence Falls from above

Friendly rock wallaby

Buley Rockholes

Tolmer Falls

Wangi Falls

Olive Python

Our campspot

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Katherine/Edith Falls

Today was a realization of sorts of how much I hate cities. Arrived in Katherine today and this place has a bad vibe, just as it had 8 years ago when I first came here. We also did a lot of highway kms over the last couple of days and it has made me miss the dirt. Oh how I miss the Gibb! The remote, rugged wilderness of The Kimberleys. Now welcome back to the beaten track, Wicked vans and campervans everywhere you look. Nevertheless tried to make the most of it by visiting the Katherine (not so) Hot Springs and stocking up on some more supplies to see us through to Darwin. Had much drama trying to buy Methylated Spirits anywhere here as it seems to be the locals' drink of choice. It was like trying to score drugs! Headed 40 km's north of Katherine to Edith Falls. On the way there we were caught out by the time difference between WA and NT as we hadn't changed our clocks and ended up riding in dusk which we usually try to avoid because of kangaroos. Camped the night at the falls and saw the first live cane toad on the trip. 

Katherine Hot Springs

Edith Falls

Monday, 20 June 2011

WA/NT Border

Finally made it to Northern Territory! It took us over 3 months to travel from Perth to here, but we wouldn't have wanted to do it any quicker. Western Australia is a spectacular state with so much to offer and we have many fond memories from here. We will definitely return one day.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lake Argyle

It was with sadness we left El Questro - it had been a wonderful week here and as tempted as we were to stay longer Mark had a job waiting for him in Darwin. We did the last 50 kms of the Gibb and did a quick stop in Kununarra, did some food shopping and went to Miriama NP which is like The Bungle Bungles but on a smaller scale. After this we headed to Lake Argyle where we enjoyed watching the sun set over the lake with a cold beer.

Stop the press!

Right at the end of the Gibb River Road we met a couple who were travelling around Oz and writing for Camper Trailer Australia magazine. They asked if they could interview us and took some photos. Later we found out that we had ended up in the magazine in a full page feature! 

Here is the article for anyone who is interested.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

El Questro - Mark's Birthday

My Birthday started somewhat earlier than I would have usually liked but no real complaints here. Started the morning with a horse ride (first time in 20 years) feeling a little nervous. Bobcat,  an x race horse looked after me and put my nerves at ease and felt at home quickly on the big guy. We spent a couple of hours riding through the bushland and was surprised at how sore my arse had got in that short time, and here I was thinking my bike seat was uncomfortable. The rest of the day was spent lazying around enjoying the afternoon sun. The one thing I had been looking forward to most of all was our chopper flight (a gift from Sanne) That was by far one of the most fun things I have ever done, our pilot Alastair was a champ explaining all things technical and giving us a running commentary. We carved up the gorges and flew low over the rivers trying to spot salties but we managed to scared them all away with the sound of the chopper over the water. Could have easy gone back for another flight!

Friday, 17 June 2011

El Questro - El Questro Gorge

El Questro Gorge was by far the nicest gorge of them all. It's really narrow and green and lush. 

As if my King Brown experience a few days prior wasn't enough, when climbing up this waterfall a snake actually fell on my hand!

At the very end there is a stunning waterfall

To get into the gorge you have to cross a river that was too deep for our bikes. We parked the bikes and got a ride on the back of a car both there and back. We had become pros at this travel method by now!

El Questro - Around the station

Just as they cull kangaroos, they also cull wild horses and donkeys up here. These two were lucky as one of the stockmen took pity on them and so they ended up on the station.

The Pentecost River runs through the station and they have build little rock pools you can swim in

This was our humble staff quarters. All the paid staff lived in dongers.

The Homestead - very exclusive - $2500 a night, min. 2 night stay. 
Prince Frederik and Mary have stayed here.


Buddy, the old stockman telling a story or two