Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ferry - Timor to Flores

After all the reports on Indonesian ferries I think we were lucky on this crossing. This crossing usually takes about 18 hours to the worst we have heard of 29 hours! We left at 2pm from Kupang with a nice calm ocean ahead of us. Lucky for us we arrived in Ende just some 17 hours later. The ferry crossing was uneventful really except for the usual stares and curiosity that our bikes seem to get wherever we go. After what we have heard and seen of the ferries here in Indo we were glad to see that our ferry was not too over loaded. Plenty of scooters, only 2 small trucks and a couple of hundred of people. Not to forget the randy goats, horses, pigs and chickens. Made for a smelly ride but was bearable all the same. Managed to get a few hours sleep and thankfully no pissed Indonesians singing Karaoke as other reports we have heard on other crossings. 1 crossing down only 6 more to go to Malaysia.

Our old and decrepit ferry

But with Jesus himself on board we were sure to have a safe crossing!

The ferry was not surprisingly over crowded
 Th precious cargo we had to share this vessel with

Sunrise over the Timor Sea

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