Sunday, 26 August 2012

Salvador Dali and San Sebastian

By Sanne

I dragged Mark to Figueres, Salvador Dali's hometown to visit the Dali Museum as I had been here before and I knew Mark also loved Dali's work (he even has a tattoo of one of his paintings). The museum is as kooky as it gets but what else could you expect? No explanation necessary, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

After that we made our way west across the Pyrenees which I'm sorry to say were a bit disappointing after the Alps. I know that's really not fair to say and one shouldn't compare things to each other like that, I'm just still so smitten with the Alps :) We went through Andorra where we marveled over all the cheap booze (tax-free heaven) and were annoyed that we didn't have any more room in our luggage. That day we went from Spain into France, France to Andorra and from Andorra back into Spain (needless to say, Mark was over-joyed).

We then made our way to Donostia San Sebastian which is on Spain's Atlantic Coast. It's a little touristy sure, but very very nice indeed. We followed the coast road a couple of hours further west and this coast was just completely different from the Mediterranean side. Much more wild and rugged, small fishing villages scattered all along the coast, surfers catching waves. Would have loved to keep going all the way to Portugal. Well, that will have to be another trip :)

The weird and wonderful world of Salvador Dali

Camping in the Pyrenees


Some people just can't handle the heat

Donostia San Sebastian

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