Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Faces of Rajasthan

By Sanne

As we mentioned we loved Rajasthan. The people we met there were so incredibly friendly. On our way to Jaisalmer, about 60 km's out, we stopped for a cold drink at a little roadside store. As usual we were greeted by immense curiosity by the locals - one thing in particular that always seems to fascinate them is my Camelbak (the rucksack I drink water from). As I bring it up to my mouth to take a sip people move closer to see what this weird device is. Believe it or not, more than a few people have asked me if it is oxygen!
Anyway, the people at this little shop asked us to come see them on our way back from Jaisalmer, so when we left the city a few days later we stopped in again to see them. Next thing we knew we were sitting inside a small dark room having (naturally) tea. They didn't know more than a few words of English and our Hindi vocabulary is pretty much non-existent but it didn't really matter. Lots of smiles and good vibes all around. One thing I have learned about Indians is that they LOVE having their photo taken! These people were handing me my camera to get me to take photos of them! They are incredibly photogenic too which makes for great photos. After taking each photo I would show it to them on the camera screen and their faces would just light up. Seeing their reaction I felt bad that I was sort of taking these beautifully captured moments with me, so I promised them that I would get some prints made of the photos and send them to them. Hopefully they'll enjoy them like I have.

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