Friday, 20 April 2012


By Mark

From Jaipur we made our way west to Pushkar and made the mistake of leaving late therefore riding into the heat of the day. It was by far the hottest day on the bike so far but at least we only had a short ride ahead of us, once we managed to navigate our way out of town. Pushkar is meant to be a laid back town with a small population but we didn't not find any reason to hang around long enough to really find out so we decided to push onto Jodhpur the following day. We left early this time after our previous day's mistake and hit our next destination not too long after lunch. Navigating into town was not too bad and we found ourselves a nice little guesthouse. We got straight back onto the bikes after unloading and set off for the main fort to have a look around. On the way we managed to get lost, the fort was only 2km's from our guesthouse and took us about 5km's until we got to it. The most frustrating part of it all was that we could always see the fort since it sits on top of a hill. Signage in India is severely lacking in places and relying on the locals, directions can sometimes be better of ignored. A map can also look easy until you are thrown into the mix of everything else that goes on in a big Indian city. Once we finally arrived we decided against paying the fee (always much higher for a foreigner) to enter the fort and instead just checked it out from outside the forts walls. The fort is impressive in size and you notice this once you reach the fort entrance. After we had a quick look around we moved onto Jaswant Thada, a milky white marble Memorial to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. The views back over the fort and city from here are beautiful but with the afternoon heat bearing down on us and having another long day in the saddle we made our way back to the guesthouse for an early night as we decided we should push on early the following day to hopefully avoid the main heat of the day if at all possible.


Meherangarh Fort

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