Tuesday, 14 June 2011

El Questro - Champagne Springs

Mark, me and this girl we worked with decided to hike up to Champagne Springs. It's a fair few hours walk up to the waterfall at the top that got its name after a guy proposed to his girlfriend up here with a bottle of champagne. We were on our way back when I stepped over a tree log lying across the path and Mark all of a sudden yells "King Brown!". Well, you can imagine my surprise and may have let out a slight scream while I stepped back. Right at this second, probably spooked by my scream, the snake strikes. Luckily for me it misses. Funny enough, up until this point I rather liked snakes and kept on wanting to come across one in the wild. Well, you could say I got what I wished for and now I'd be quite happy never to run into one ever again! Especially as I later found out how much trouble I would have been in had I been bitten right there and then. Supposedly you only have 1 hour max if a King Brown gets you and being somewhere so remote as El Questro it wouldn't be pretty. So you could say I felt pretty alive after that and we went straight to the bar when we got back!

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