Saturday, 18 June 2011

El Questro - Mark's Birthday

My Birthday started somewhat earlier than I would have usually liked but no real complaints here. Started the morning with a horse ride (first time in 20 years) feeling a little nervous. Bobcat,  an x race horse looked after me and put my nerves at ease and felt at home quickly on the big guy. We spent a couple of hours riding through the bushland and was surprised at how sore my arse had got in that short time, and here I was thinking my bike seat was uncomfortable. The rest of the day was spent lazying around enjoying the afternoon sun. The one thing I had been looking forward to most of all was our chopper flight (a gift from Sanne) That was by far one of the most fun things I have ever done, our pilot Alastair was a champ explaining all things technical and giving us a running commentary. We carved up the gorges and flew low over the rivers trying to spot salties but we managed to scared them all away with the sound of the chopper over the water. Could have easy gone back for another flight!

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