Saturday, 1 October 2011

Deus Ex Machina

After a little research I found that Deus has opened a showroom in Bali. So we made the effort to drop past after not getting to have a look in the showroom in Sydney earlier this year. Knowing they build bikes I had hoped they could help us with getting a new battery for Sanne's bike. The guys there couldn't have been more helpful. They sent a guy on a 3hr+ mission into Denpasar to see what he could find. He came up trumps with a new battery. Only problem it had the wrong fittings and in the wrong place. So after wheeling it into the workshop they went about extending the wiring and adding new fittings and in no time it was all good to go again at no cost except for the battery. Big thankyou to all you guys. Anyone heading to Bali should go check the place out, very cool place and we plan on checking out their other showroom in Venice Beach, Califonia when we get to that part of the world. (Ed. We did visit the Venice Beach location: ...We didn't like it very much).

 The Deus showroom

The workshop

Hard to imagine this little bike started its life as a Yamaha Scorpio 225

Sanne with her new stead, the mighty CB100

While the poor Suzy gets a new heart, a long awaited battery


  1. I cannot believe a scorpio can end up looking like that. It looks really good :)

  2. Hey Ross,
    Some of the bikes they had in their showroom were impressive, cannot imagine they were once scorpio's! The one in particular on the blog had also been bored out to a 350cc. They get them down on the beach and ride them like old dirt trackers getting them out sideways speed way style.