Monday, 7 November 2011

Sentosa Island Singapore

We spent the day out on Sentosa Island, an easy walk or ride on the Mono rail from the Harbour front. This is a big tourist place that has everything from Universal studios to my favourite the Flow rider. I spent 2 hours between the 2 different waves and was punished for every mistake I made. Life was hell for the next few days having so many aches and pains I thought it impossible to have without a single bruise to show for it! All the same I would go back tomorrow and do it all again...Everything here was very pricey so we kept it low key with a ride on the luge and a chair lift ride back to the top of the hill. Apart from that we just wandered around to see what the place had to offer.We managed to score a free ride on the monorail back to the Harbour front to keep out of the rain we luckily escaped on the chairlift, which was great as I don't think my legs would have held up for the walk back. A good day but the rain stopped it a little early.

Just managed to miss the deluge of rain those clouds were holding

 The view out to sea from the chair lift

On the chair lift

Down by the beach, didn't even go in!

Who needs the beach when you have the Flow barrel

 Trying to get my balance
 One small slip up and your gone

Gorgeous parrots that don't deserve life in a cage, these are taken out for photo shoots with tourists to hold onto

Cable car high above the water going to and from Sentosa

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