Monday, 7 November 2011


We arrived in Melaka just as the rain started pelting down, think we got our arrival time in Malaysia a little wrong with the wet season kicking into effect! With the usual run around trying to find a place and not succeeding we were escorted to the Apa Kaba Guesthouse. A quiet little place nestled amongst a beautiful lush garden and a safe place to leave the bikes. Always the number one priority when looking for a place for the night. The guesthouse is run by a 3rd generation Chinese family who went out of their way to make us feel most welcome. This was to the point that we went to lunch with them twice and they even cooked us dinner on our arrival back from Singapore. Anytime we needed directions, uncle would walk us half the way to where we were going and tell us a story along the way. They directed us to many places, as per usual we were not to sure what was around to see. Melaka is quite a nice place with a European flavour left by the Portuguese. With colourful buildings that blend with the old Malay to the new more modern high rises. We had only originally intended on staying a couple of days but we ended up staying for about 4 to 5 days while waiting to hear from a friend in Singapore.

Apa Kaba Guesthouse

 Bike graveyard

 Melaka river by night

 One of the many painted buildings by the river

 We had the to do something with the rest of the tourists, a river cruise!

 Portuguese Quarters of Melaka

 One pimped Trishaw
Fitting Sanne's new front tyre we picked up in Singapore
The beautiful family we stayed with at Apa Kaba Guesthouse

 Is that Ziggy Stardust's Asian brother?

 Would have tried applying but wasn't hanging around long enough

 A typical feast at the local Indian restaurant, trying to do it like the locals but just making a mess

 The Melaka River

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