Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mae Hong Son Loop

The Mae Hong Son Loop is well known in Northern Thailand. The road is approx 6oo+ km's in length and consists of about 2000 twists and turns that weave a path through the mountainous region. I think for the three days that we took to make our way along the loop we both had huge grins from ear to ear. After the dull ride north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai this road has more than made up for it. The first two days were quiet on the road with little to no traffic at all. Stopping frequently was not a problem and we wanted to take in the sights that were on offer. Our final day was one of the best rides but being a Saturday the roads were much more congested compared to the last couple. If anyone is considering coming to Thailand and enjoys a good ride, make sure you put some time a side and come do this ride, preferably try and do it during the week when the traffic is much quieter.

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